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This page is a place where members can share lessons, units, resources etc. that have helped in the transition to Common Core.  If you have anything you would like added, please submit here.  Be sure to include grade level and subject area.  Please note that some of these pages are still under construction.

CTA's Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) department provides technical assistance to local chapters, CTA leadership, and various CTA departments in the areas of standards, assessment, curriculum, instruction, special education, accountability, and teacher evaluation.  

We believe in building the capacity of all members and strengthening the education profession. We know that, more than ever, teachers are facing challenges with professional issues.

NEA Toolkit

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This toolkit is intended to be a fully dynamic resource of information on Common Core State Standards and contains six critical areas for understanding and preparing for implementation of the Common Core State Standards:

  • Common Core State Standards Overview; 

  • Curriculum and Instruction; 

  • Professional Development;

  • Assessment and Reflection; 

  • English Language Learners; and,

  • Students with Disabilities.

Reviewed in its entirety, the toolkit provides general background and links to pertinent information about the CCSS, as well as practical assistance and planning. Users can download editable materials and presentations in smaller chunks that may be used in a variety of settings. Video resources have been included for individual use as well as for sharing in larger settings.

Resources found in this toolkit will be updated periodically and as implementation of the Standards progress.


Grade Specific Resources

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