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The Power of Membership

Whether you’re a veteran educator, preparing to retire, or fresh on the scene, we’re all in it together, united in our commitment to strengthen public education for all students.

Since 1863, CTA has been fighting for educators and the students they serve. At the local level, members bargain for fair working and learning conditions, so they can ensure that school districts provide the schools all students deserve. CTA members join a long and vibrant legacy of fighting for equity by lifting up the voices of the unheard and winning resources for schools and students. CTA members individually and collectively are the best and most important advocates for public education and the professionals that make it possible.

The combined strength of CTA’s 310,000 members and NEA’s 3.2 million members makes us powerful and passionate advocates for you at the state and national levels. That means that just by joining CTA, you’re helping an education support professional in another district bargain a living wage right now. And another educator, just by being a member, helped get you discounts through Member Benefits and CTA Access to Savings.

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