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Filing a Grievance:

The process for filing a grievance is described in detail in Article 18 in the contract.   Be sure to read this section carefully before beginning.  Contact your site rep for assistance. 

Grievance Hotline - (760) 983-0817               Grievance Email:

Grievance Time Lines


Informal level – must take place within 20 days of the grievant’s knowledge of the contract violation.


Level One – must be filed within 30 days of the grievant’s  knowledge of the contract violation. The appropriate administrator has 15 days to provide a written response to the grievance.


Level Two – must be filed within 15 days of the written decision of the administrator. This level is filed with the superintendent. The superintendent has 15 days to give a written response.


Level Three  - must be filed within 15 days of receipt of the superintendent’s decision. This is a request for a hearing with the board in closed session. The superintendent shall notify the grievant 10 days before the hearing. The decision by the board is due at the next board meeting.


Level Four – must notify the superintendent within 10 days of the school board’s decision. Level Four goes to mediation.


Level Five – If mediation fails to resolve the grievance within 10 days the association can move to arbitration. The arbitrator’s decision is binding.


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